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Ontario Population

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The Ontario population is soaring!  Well, for Canada anyway.  This has left many of the dirt roads and destitute forests actually in use.  Believe it or not, people in this wilderness of a province are complaining.  Complaining about what?  Maybe randomly running into someone more than once a week I suppose.  The population really hasn’t seen much of a nominal increase, but percentage-wise the residents of Ontario are seeing a fairly drastic rise.  Interestingly, being their calm Canadian selves, the rates of crime and vehicle collisions has not increased.  This means that though the population of Ontario is on the rise, the residents are still as cheerful and appropiate as ever.  Though ask some of them, and they will be glad to tell you that if the population rise continues, they may be willing to break some laws to garner a reputation!  http://www.worldpopulationstatistics.com/ontario-population/

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